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Our Story

After discovering the potential of industrial hemp, our founder Sean Andres transformed his custom vibraphone/marimba mallet shop, Pyro Percussion LLC, into Taproot Drums. Our focus shifted exclusively to using Hempwood and other sustainable, ethically sourced materials for a reimagined product line.

We do more than just make drums – we aspire to inspire positive change in the products we all use daily.

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Through the Project Olympus startup incubator at Carnegie Mellon University, Taproot’s hempwood percussion prototypes thrived, allowing us to refine the concept for an impactful launch.

April 2023 marked our pioneering snare and practice pad pre-order campaign where our founder received the NAMM President’s Innovation Award in Anaheim, CA.

From the outset, our drums signaled the beginning of a broader journey of creating eco-friendly instruments. Our growth propels us to explore new materials, sustainably sourced, always urging others to follow. 

With custom jigs designed in a virtual reality 3-D design program, our products are all crafted by hand right in our own shop here in Pennsylvania. Our shop is outfitted with tables and workbenches rescued from discard/permanent storage, with all scrap-wood pieces saved for future projects. Our Pittsburgh location allows us to engage with drumming communities across both the Northeast and Midwest without extensive travel.

Rooted in Pittsburgh, we're on a path to a greener future, leaving a healthier planet for generations ahead.


our mission

We are committed to sustainability and growth.


Just like a taproot, which anchors a plant in the soil and provides the foundation for growth, we believe that we can inspire a wave of musicians who desire eco-friendly alternatives to the exotic and domestic woods that are over-harvested around the world.


While other industries play a much larger part in the harvesting of our planet's forests, we as musicians can serve as the taste-makers for a societal shift towards more conscious consumption of natural resources.

Our Team

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